Reiki – Relaxing Healing Energy

Reiki Master Janet Heartson uses Reiki, (as well as SoundHealing, AromaTouch and Transformational Counseling techniques) to comfort and relax you during your healing process. Reiki has shown to reduce stress and pain. Reiki promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and is very relaxing.

Reiki is a safe complementary treatment to all other medical or therapeutic practices.

60 minutes – $60

Janet Heartson - Wellness Consulting - Barnet, Vermont - AromaTouch Therapy - Reiki

 When is Reiki Helpful?

Are you experiencing anything in the list below?

Physical pain
Life changes
Grief or loss  
Desire for self care

Reiki Benefits

Benefits of Reiki treatment include:

Relaxation and stress reduction
Increased energy levels
Reduction of pain 
Calming effect


Experience the benefits of AromaTouch. All natural essential oils are gently applied to the back and feet in a light massage. Comforting, relaxing and calming.

Janet uses doTerra all natural essential oils to harmonize, balance and promote health.

Benefits of AromaTouch

Soothing and comforting
Relief from anxiety and depression
Improved sleep
Pain reduction
Helps those with chronic health conditions

45 minutes – $45

“Aroma Touch and the Sound Healing Room with Janet Heartson is a must try amazing experience. They go perfectly together so you leave feeling on top of the world. Relaxed, Peaceful and Joyous! Thank you Janet!!”  Diane W

“Janet uses all natural essential oils and light massage techniques to gently move out any stress, toxins and worry, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You also leave the massage smelling GREAT!”