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Functional Medicine Health Assessment (available in person or on zoom)

Functional Medicine is key to taking charge of your health

What is Functional Medicine?

Together we put together your health history to discover the root causes of your chronic illness or pain.  Get help to bridge the information gap between you and your doctor. By explaining lab tests, discussing alternatives to drugs and lifestyle habits, you gain insight into making the changes that work best for you.

What I am not. I am not a doctor. You could think of me more like a patient advocate who helps you figure out what you need and where to get it. I don’t diagnose, I simply help people look at trends in their health that indicate things to talk about with your doctor. For example, foggy thinking doesn’t necessarily mean long haul covid or dementia. It could mean issues with hormones, hydration, mobility, blood sugar, food sensitivities, toxicity, mold and sleep issues. That is just one example of how complicated our system is. So let’s think together about what you need to feel better.

Physical Evaluation

In the physical system we look at potential deficiencies, infections, toxicity, inflammation and imbalances that cause disease, pain, inflammation, fatigue or barriers to healing.

Lifestyle Evaluation

With lifestyle evaluation we focus on daily habits like where and when you sleep, exercise or what beliefs and behavior might be blocking your wellbeing. Gain awareness of your daily choices and the impact they have on your life.

Mental Evaluation

Your actions are powered by your beliefs and thoughts. Much of our stress is caused by unrealistic expectations, low self esteem, trauma and fear. This knowledge empowers you to make the changes needed to create a happier life.

Spiritual Evaluation

Let’s look at your passion, core beliefs and life purpose. Let’s work together to strengthen your motivation and ability to gain vitality and good health.


The initial evaluation includes an in-depth questionnaire that you complete at home, followed by a 90 minute consultation and three 60 minute follow-up sessions.

Initial Evaluation – $300

Additional appointments for ongoing coaching will be made in person.