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Stress – Anxiety – Chronic Pain – Depression – Addiction – Learning Disabilities – Chronic Illness – Relationships

Transformational Counseling and Holistic Health

COVID-19 Update
Remote sessions are also extremely effective and I have being doing them for many years.. If you cannot visit, we can work together over the phone by voice, FaceTime or Zoom. In person visits require that you wear a mask.

transformational counselor Janet Heartson helps free you. Kinesiology, NLP, intuitive spiritual counseling, shamanic soul retrieval and psychic, in Vermont, Barnet, St. Johnsbury, NEK, Littleton NH, VT
Transformational Counseling

Powerful multifaceted approach treating stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, past trauma, weight issues, and more.

Functional Medicine – Health Coach

Still suffering from Chronic Illness?
Functional Medicine is the key to restoring health. 

HeartsonSound healing chamber in Barnet Vermont. This completely unique and wonderful sound treatment is available ONLY here. Combines multi healing frequencies including physio-acoustic, binaural and custom coded sound fields that sooth and relax both body and mind
HeartsonSound Healing

Relax your body and mind with physio-acoustic, binaural and holographic sound healing frequencies available only here.

Get the benefits of reiki and aroma therapy and massage. All natural essential oils are gently applied to the back and feet. Janet Heartson Wellness Consulting Barnet VT Vermont
Reiki and AromaTouch

Reiki and AromaTouch reduce stress and pain. Promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and are very relaxing.

“Due in large part to Janet’s intuitive abilities, heartfelt support, and the healing modalities she uses I  have been able to create a happy life for myself.  When I look back to where I was just a short while ago, I feel that this is no less than a miracle.” K.D.

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