Kinesiology, Neuro
                Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Flower
                Essence Therapy, Energy Clearing, Intuitive and Psychic
                Guidance and Nutritional Consulting.

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Information about Treatments - Janet Heartson


                Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Shamanic Healing,
                Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Clearing, Intuitive and
                Psychic Guidance and Nutritional Consulting.

Janet Heartson

M.A Psychology & Spirituality
Certified Kinesiologist
Certified Practioner of NLP
Certified Reiki Master
Verified Shaman

Office in
Barnet, Vermont


You can call right now
and get an appointment.

                hearted spiritual counseling and intuitive readings.
                Phone guidance. Spiritual guidance

Janet Heartson

M.A Psychology & Spirituality
Certified Kinesiologist
Certified Practioner of NLP
Certified Reiki Master
Verified Shaman

Office in
Barnet,  Vermont


You can call right now
and get an appointment.

shamanic journeys and shamanic healing are used to
                address soul loss, though soul retrieval.

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Information about Treatments

I use a variety of techniques in my consulting practice including Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Clearing, Intuitive and Psychic Guidance and Nutritional Consulting. Below are short explanations of what I do and how they work.


Kinesiology is a branch of science developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. It is a holistic approach that deals with you as a whole person, not a collection of separate parts and unrelated symptoms. When the body is stressed through chemical, emotional, structural or electrical causes, this effects the electrical signals in the body. Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing to help identify the stresses. The stress is then cleared. More advanced techniques are used to clear deep seated imbalances in the psychic and physical levels.

Premise 1 : You are unique. You are the only person with your specific experiences, skills and talents. No one else has had the same mixture of experiences or wounds.

Premise 2 : Your body stores information that is not available to your conscious mind.

Premise 3 : The healing process needs to incorporate all 3 levels of an issue: conscious, subconscious and body.

Premise 4 : Kinesiology (muscle-testing) speaks the language of the body wisdom and brings to your consciousness what you need in order to heal.

Premise 5 : Your unique body wisdom carries the best prescription for your unique healing process.

Premise 6 : Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions must all work together to create a thorough and effective healing experience. These sessions incorporate all of who you are into the learning process.

Using Kinesiology (muscle-testing), I am able to access how much stress is on the issue, what emotions are involved and which corrections would best release the stress.

Once we balance the energies in present time, we go back to the age of cause. There we learn how much stress was on the issue, what the emotions were and what the misunderstanding was that created the problem.

For example, a woman that grew up in a family that favored boys might feel an underlying depression and low self-esteem because she had an impression that she could never measure up. In a sense, her feelings may have been valid within the family structure. However, it is no longer valid as an adult who can choose her relationships. So we work together to discover where in her body she held the idea that she would never measure up and would replace it with what is the real truth about her. Released from the unconscious self-limitation, she can do anything she chooses and feel any way she chooses.

A man came in with a shoulder that had been a chronic source of pain. When we went back to age of cause, we learned that his father left when he was 15 and since then , he felt the welfare of his family was like a weight on his shoulders. It was fairly simple after that, to create a new understanding , so his body can let go of the pain it was holding. There is amazing healing power in simply becoming aware of how we were hurt as children and what we did to limit ourselves as a result of that experience.

Be aware of statements like: “I’m not creative.” “I can’t talk in groups.” “I can’t face my boss!” “I‘m bad with numbers.” You know the statements, you’ve heard them and probably said them. Freeing people from these self-limiting beliefs is what my work is all about. It is such a pleasure seeing understanding fill someone’s’ face and watching their breathing and posture shift as the wisdom permeates their being.

What inspires me is the moment a client understands what their body wisdom has revealed to them via muscle testing and they have the big “aha” on their faces. Sometimes they cry softly because they suddenly feel understood and hopeful. I teach them tools to help them keep working on their healing process, so that we know they will become stronger and more capable to do the work on their own

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and has since been refined by many practitioners. NLP can rapidly shift limited or stuck thinking. We only have our perceptions of reality. Perceptions that are given meaning and evaluated as important, unimportant, good, bad, dangerous, safe, etc., based on our subjective judgments and  experiences. Simply put, we bring the past with us where ever we go. A simple example might be, if we had a traumatic experience, we might continue to see danger in places where there is none. (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) The automatic thoughts that get programmed into our brains are designed to protect us, but they can trap us too. NLP can be used to help people see that we have many choices in every situation. We are not stuck with the ones that were programmed into our brains in the past.


Reiki evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui. The recipient usually lies down and relaxes while fully clothed. The practitioner gently places their hands in a sequence of positions. A full treatment can take up to 1½ hours. Receiving Reiki helps align your own natural healing abilities.

Shamanic Healing

"People rarely feel whole. Soul loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease. Because we do not feel whole, we fill ourselves up with other things – addictions, co-dependent relationships, workaholism, even chronic illness. We may also hop from one therapy to another in search of the ultimate spiritual high. In shamanic terms, our experience of not feeling whole is literal: parts of our soul may have split off from us and gone to other realms. This happens in order to allow the person to survive trauma or loss. Once these soul parts are gone, people may suffer physical, psychological or spiritual loss of power. This power loss can prevent people from leading healthy, creative fulfilling lives."  From Sandra Ingermans’ book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self:

I may use Shamanic healing in my practice. During a Kinesiology session, soul retrieval may come up as the needed correction. When this happens, I use Shamanic healing techniques for soul retrieval. I go into an altered state and locate the part that has been missing. Often this fragmented aspect of a person needs assurance and nurturing before it can return. The client and I then negotiate a program of self care that will help that part integrate and feel at home. After the Shamanic journey and soul retrieval, clients usually feel happier and more present in their lives.

Flower Essence Therapy

Like homeopathic remedies, flower essences have energetic blueprints that restore balance where trauma has created mental, emotional, or physical imbalances. If you come for an office visit, I have over 100 flower essences available from my own collection and the Perelandra and Bach Flower Remedy collections. For remote phone sessions, I can recommend the appropriate flower essences for you.

Energy Clearing

I have a large number of methods and techniques that I can teach you to clear your energy

Symptoms of not being clear

Over reacting when someone hurts your feelings or makes you uncomfortable.
Road rage
Negative communication cycles with loved ones.
Chronically tired or cranky
Unfocused, easily distracted.
Life has lost its appeal
Feeling like a victim
Not feeling like you can accomplish what you want.
No sense of humor.

What it feels like to have clear energy?

Feeling empowered to reach your goals.
Having the energy to make life work for you.
Responding with compassion and patience to those that matter to you.
Not taking it personally if someone else drives badly or is rude.
Speaking your truth and trusting that it will create a trusting relationship.
Joyful moments of insight.
Experiences of synchronicity.

Intuitive and Psychic Guidance

I’ve been psychic all my life. You can read about my experiences in my book  "Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life." These abilities allow me to recognize your angels and guides, see tears in your aura, process your past lives and help you heal limiting patterns. There are over-lighting Divas of your businesses, relationships, projects and homes. Connecting with the over- lighting divas can help you clarify your purpose and align with the steps to achieving your goals. I get to know you quickly and in such a deep way, it helps you feel understood and loved.

I don’t predict the future, but I can help you heal so that you can build a good future for yourself. It’s a beautiful experience to see your best future unfold because you have learned to let go of limiting patterns that hold you back.

Nutritional Consulting

Proper nutrition is necessary in supporting healthy body, mind and spirit.  Addictions, eating disorders and mood swings can all be symptoms of improper nutrition or food sensitivities. I have training in nutritional consulting and an extensive library to provide you with the information you need.

You can call right now get an appointment.

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