Janet Heartson - NLP. Kinesiology, Psychology
                    and Spirituality. Healing. Health. Counselor.
                    Verified Shamanic healer.

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Janet Heartson - Wellness Consulting


Wisdom of the Heart
 NLP Training

What are Your Goals?

- Heal the Past
- Break Free of Bad Habits
- Find Love and Happiness
- Unlock Creativity
- Improve Learning Abilities
- Make a Better Life
- Lose Weight
- Achieve Your Goals
- Live Your Dreams

Imagine feeling free....
Free of painful emotional patterns, habits or negative influences that have sabotaged your life.
Open to health, joy, peace of mind, success and more! 

Ever feel like your wheels are spinning and you're getting no where? You don't need to be stuck! There IS a better way! I have developed a special clearing program using Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Shamanic healing, Psychology and Spirituality. My approach is gentle and effective and often faster than other forms of therapy. My comprehensive approach addresses issues on multiple levels and helps you create a beautiful, loving experience of your self. Together we will unlock the answers inside of you.

Convenient phone sessions or personal office visits.

I can work with you right over the phone. Most find the results as powerful as an office visit. If you are in northeastern Vermont, you can have sessions in person. I invite you to call now.

Open hearted spiritual counseling and                            intuitive readings. Phone guidance.                            Spiritual guidance
FREE 15 minute phone consultation


M.A Psychology & Spirituality
Certified Kinesiologist
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Reiki Master
Verified Shaman

Office Visits in Barnet, VT
or Phone Sessions from anywhere.


call 802-633-3810

Please call between the hours of
8 a.m  &  7 p.m.  (eastern time)

You can pay for your sessions by credit card.
You need to call to schedule your session.

Shamanic healing,                  shamanic journeys
Choose Your Session

Transformation Session
1.5 hour comprehensive phone session or office visit only $90 USD

Save money!
Prepay & save.
Get four comprehensive phone sessions or office visits for only $300 USD

Recharge with Reiki
1 hour Reiki session only $60

book Get My Book!

My inner landscape includes non-ordinary realities that are common with shamans and mediums. This book describes some of the peak moments in my life, the miracles that have come my way by grace of the divine. These experiences punctuate my journey of self discovery. Please join me while I recount some of my unusual travels. My hope is that in sharing these extraordinary moments, the reader may become more open to their own. Perhaps these stories will open some doors that have been waiting for you to walk through. I hope that my openness will inspire more fulfillment and healing.
Janet Heartson 

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